Lady Sonia

At Lady Sonia’s site they have a small graphic that informs you that the site has 15,000 current members. That’s huge for an adult site. That probably means well over 100,000 people have joined the site since it launched; it’s freaking huge. If you browse through the rest of the tour you’ll begin to see why Sonia is so popular. First, it’s obvious that she stresses quality in her productions. This is all original content and the models and sets are top notch. Second, it’s clear she produces a ton of content, which is why so many members stick around for so long. This is the kind of tour that gets you all worked up for the member’s area.

It’s clear from the start that this is an enormous site. Lady Sonia greets you with a short letter at the top of the page, a letter that is typically updated 4-5 times a month. She talks about new content sets that are coming up soon, what she’s doing on a day to day basis, etc. The latest updates are listed below that letter, and she generally adds content every 2-4 days. When I reviewed the site, Sonia was on vacation in France with two young men and she promised to return soon with videos of all the fun they had. One of the guys is a member of the site, which bodes well for those of you that are considering joining.

The content at Lady Sonia has been divided into several categories to make browsing a little easier. These categories are: photo archive, classic video library, premier movie library, fetish video empire, bitchy boss, fetish office and the study. The general theme of Sonia’s site is what I would call light fetish. There’s a lot of latex and leather, secretary and boss uniforms, dominant women putting boys in their place, etc. The harder stuff – extreme pain infliction for example – is left to other sites. Lady Sonia is more about appreciating the beauty of the fringe of fetish.

The photo archive has more than 200 galleries that cover a wide range of topics. A typical gallery has 150-250 pictures of a medium resolution. They should be a little bigger, especially since it’s so easy to make them so, but they’re not small enough to take away your enjoyment. In these galleries you’ll find many examples of the light fetish content I was talking about. There’s one where Sonia and her redheaded friend dominate a guy in a black leather mask. The gallery is mostly about appreciating how beautiful the girls are; they don’t abuse him in any particular way but there’s still a strong sense that they’re in control.

The classic video library is an amusing and sometimes erotic look back at Sonia’s history in the land of fetish and sexual pleasure. There are clips of her in college as she poses in latex and leather, spanks her unsuspecting lovers, dominates both men and women and even having a strap-on sex encounter with a guy. The video quality is lacking due to the age of most of the clips, but there’s a lot of good stuff here. Most videos have been broken into multiple clips to make downloading easier, although the server speeds were a little slow when I was reviewing the site.

The premier movie library is where you’ll find the good old fashioned hardcore fucking videos. Here Sonia and her many friends get together and film hot scenes for you to download and perhaps get happy with. These would best be described as MILF porn since there’s very little of the fetish atmosphere that appears in so many other areas of the site. Sonia has enormous tits and a talented mouth and she’s not averse to a good hardcore fucking.

The videos all come with a screen cap section that allows you to decide which clips you want to download. Each scene has been broken into four clips for ease of use or you can grab the entire thing in one very lengthy clip. The videos are very good looking; so much so that they can be run full screen without trouble. These are particularly fun because Sonia has a long list of friends, both male and female, that she calls in to help her with the videos.

In the fetish video empire section you can indulge your naughty side a little bit. Among the most recent videos added there’s a girl in black rubber fucking a machine, a nurse giving a handjob, another chick in rubber masturbating, a few domination scenes and more. At first it seems like the fetish video empire is small, considering there are only 33 videos listed. Then you spot the link to the archive and you’re brought to a whole new section with more than 150 videos waiting for you. This is the largest part of the site, probably because it’s what Sonia enjoys doing most.

In the archive the material covered increases dramatically. There’s a video where Sonia jerks off a shemale, one where she fucks her blonde friend with a strap-on and another where two latex clad babes stroke, suck and fuck a bound and gagged guy. Everything here fits my light fetish description and if you’ve ever been on the outside of any of the mentioned topics you’ll love the smooth introduction Sonia offers.

The bitchy boss section might be my favourite. Here Sonia presents picture galleries of her and her friends posing as secretaries, corporate babes, teachers, etc. There’s a MILF element to many of the galleries and in some there’s a dominance element. For the most part it’s about appreciating how hot these chicks look in their outfits. There are more than 100 galleries and updates are made several times a month. The guest models are all good looking and some are so smoking hot you’ll come back for more.

The fetish office section is an extension of bitchy boss. The difference is that in the fetish office it’s all Sonia all the time. She’s posing in what looks like a home office and wearing sexy outfits, some of them boldly fetishistic, and on occasion having hot sex. There’s a great set where she gives head to and then fucks a well hung black guy. In another she plays with a condom and then teases us with her ass in a POV style. If you dig Sonia then you’re going to love those galleries.

Finally there’s the study where Sonia picks the minds of women to discover their fantasies, what fetishes they enjoy, etc. It’s basically an erotic story archive, but written in a more personal way. You can find out what your favourite. models enjoy in the sack and get turned on by reading about their more adventurous sexual experiences. Sonia offers a journal in that she updates several times a month. You can use it to learn a little more about her and stay updated on her comings and goings. If you get lucky you’ll get a chance to meet her. There’s also a forum where Sonia frequently posts.

There’s a reason Lady Sonia has built her site into such a popular destination. She’s dedicated herself to producing quality fetish and MILF oriented porn for years and she continues to do so every month. There are more than 250 full length videos and 300 picture galleries to keep you busy. Most of all it’s clear that Sonia appreciates her members and will do anything to keep you around. I just finished browsing the forum and I was amazed at how willing she is to take requests and make them a reality. There’s no question that this site is worth the money.

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