Lucy Zara

When I signed up for Lucy Zara I had some rather high expectations of the site based on the pricing. You initial membership will run around $33 USD for the first month and then rebilled at $27 USD for each month you remain a member. For a solo model website without advertised bonus content, this is on the high end when it comes to monthly costs. On the plus side it promised over 5 years worth of content, so I suspected it would have a rather large archive of pictures and videos available in the member’s section.

As I explored the website I had some rather mixed feelings overall. When you login to the member’s area you get access to one of two sections of the website. There’s a fetish section that features this busty UK leg model in a variety of leather and PVC outfits. The glamour section of Lucy Zara is dedicated to the more conventional outfits and themed photoshoots. Each section is like a website unto itself, with its own pictures, videos and downloadable wallpapers.

The photosets available at Lucy Zara vary in size, with some having as little as 40 pictures while others have 120+. There is only resolution of image available, being 665 x 1000 for a portrait formatted picture. This is on the low-end resolution wise that I’d expect from a membership based glamour website. The site also doesn’t allow you to download a zipped file of all the pictures but more on that later.

The videos are all streamable or downloadable with the length of movies being between 5 and 10 minutes apiece. Nothing to complain about quality wise on some of the videos but Lucy Zara’s website switches the format from movie to movie. The .wmv files are better quality while I found I was avoiding the .mpg files after viewing a couple of them unless the subject matter was really enticing.

So there’s the basics. Now let’s talk about the content itself. The glamour section has some pretty decent pictures and videos of Lucy Zara and a collection of other beautiful British babes posing in a number of sexy outfits and stockings. Some of the common themes that pop-up throughout the website include fantasy uniforms such as schoolgirls and naughty nurses. My favourite theme to see Lucy participate in has to be the secretary, office babe and sexy boss niche. This busty model always looks her best when she’s wearing a low cut blouse that shows off those killer tits with her miniskirt, stockings and high heels. If you share my view, you’ll be very pleased with what you find at Lucy’s website.

As you scroll through the website you’re also going to find Lucy Zara participating in some pretty intense lesbian action with her hot British girlfriends. You’ll find other leg babes such as Danni Harwood, Teresa Scott, and a busty babe named Tess featured throughout the website. The best lesbian action at Lucy’s site though has to be when Lucy and Frankie get together. I’ve seen these two in action several times at other stocking and office themed websites and they look just as good here as they do at the other sites. These two girls definitely have chemistry together and my only two regrets about their lesbian scenes are there’s not more of them and I wasn’t there to watch the action in person.

The fetish section is very similar to the glamour portion of Lucy Zara’s website with the only difference being the outfits and themes that this chesty blonde poses or participates in. There is a lot of bondage content featured in the fetish area and when I was doing some research on the site, I found that this is something that Lucy has become increasingly popular for. I have to admit seeing Lucy tied up while wearing a leather miniskirt, thigh high boots and a tight PVC top that shows off her ample cleavage definitely got my imagination going.

Another common theme you’ll find in the fetish section is the ever popular dominatrix photoshoots and videos. Lucy Zara seems equally comfortable in the role of dominant bitch in her sexy leather outfits or boots as she is playing the submissive slave with a collar around her neck and gag ball in her mouth while crawling around on the floor. PVC outfits are also quite popular with Lucy whether it’s her naughty police woman uniform that shows off her legs in fishnet stockings quite well or the PVC leggings she pulled on while wearing a corset and holding a rather menacing whip.

So whether you’re a fan of glamour photographs and videos or ones that are a bit more edgy, you’re going to find a nice selection in the archives at Lucy Zara.

The one real downside I saw at the site was how repetitive Lucy Zara becomes as you explore the archives of pictures and videos. Sure, they offer a wide selection of outfits throughout the site and change up the backgrounds and back drops of the photoshoots but overall you just seem to get the same thing over and over again. They also overdo certain themes in short periods of time that just adds to the repetitive nature of the website. At one point there were four updates where Lucy posed as a cowgirl within a three-month period, which equated to about 25% of the updates.

The other negative I would point out about Lucy Zara is the fact there is no way to search the archives for certain themes or outfits that you take a liking to. In order to view all the content of your favorite niche photoshoots, you have to scroll through the updates of two different sections. Additionally once you do find what you’re after, they do not allow their member’s to download complete zip sets of the photoshoot, instead making you save each individual picture for future viewing.

Lastly, I don’t think splitting the website into a fetish and glamour section is really necessary. The fetish section is not extreme by any means and wouldn’t offend those people who were looking for glamour photographs and videos of Lucy Zara. In fact I am sure there’s content in the fetish section that could easily be moved to the glamour portion of the website, such as Lucy dressed as a naughty nurse in her fishnet stockings and PVC uniform.

So is Lucy Zara all its cracked up to be? My definitive answer would have to be yes and no. The site does have a great archive of pictures and videos with an amazing selection of themed shoots and stocking content. The downside is it’s more expensive then some other fetish themed websites that offer a lot more in the terms of updates and bonus content. Having said that I’m a firm believer of supporting British babes that you really enjoy seeing and this busty model is definitely one of my favourites. If you’re after some hot content of Lucy Zara in action, be sure to support her and join her website.

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