Only Tease

Most adult sites are all about getting the girls out of their clothes as fast as possible. There’s a place for that kind of porn in the world, but it’s criminal that most sites completely overlook the fact that a lot of the clothing made for women is designed to make them look as sexy as possible. A high quality set of lingerie or a sexy low cut dress is made to attract and turn on men as well as make the woman feel good about herself.

Usually you never get a chance to enjoy the clothing the women are wearing because they’re so busy tearing it off to have sex, play with their pussies, or simply pose naked. For those of you who are always wishing the girls would stay dressed just a little longer Only Tease is the place to be. Right in the name they’ve declared that they’re not about the nudity; they’re about the tease that leads up to the nudity. They want you to be able to appreciate a finely crafted piece of lingerie or a sexy uniform or a beautiful dress.

Some of the content you’ll see at Only Tease includes uniforms, stockings, lingerie, socks, hotpants, pantyhose, miniskirts, sports girls, satin dresses, and more. There are a whopping 450,000 images across 3,800 galleries and more than 500 downloadable videos. The best part is they update every single day with a minimum of two new content sets and they add at least two video clips a week.

When a site bases its content around girls posing in sexy clothing and lingerie, the one thing they have to get right are the girls themselves. If the models are ugly, the quality of the outfits doesn’t matter at all. Everything begins with the babes. Luckily, Only Tease has combed the United Kingdom and found a number of incredibly hot babes to populate their site. I’m constantly surprised by how good looking the models are and how strongly they grasp their own sexuality. That’s an important aspect as well; there are good looking girls all around the world who wouldn’t have any idea how to look sexy for a photo shoot.

The models don’t make an adult site though, they’re just the foundation. Other factors come into play as well, such as usability. Not surprisingly, Only Tease scores high marks in this area as well. The member’s landing page, where you’ll be directed after entering your username and password, has a list of the latest content updates and previews of upcoming sets. There are three preview pictures and a description for each update.

The content archives span more than 3,800 galleries so they had to figure out an efficient way to organise that kid of bulk. Their solution was to offer it to you in three separate ways. First, you can browse content by model. There’s an alphabetical list of the girls, each of whom has a small headshot photo so you can pick the girls you find hottest. You can also search by name if you know who you’re looking for.

The second option for viewing content is by category. Within the models page there’s a pull down list that has all of the categories listed. A few examples include basque, dress, gym kit, hotpants, secretary, redheads, etc. When you select a category a list of galleries will come up, each with a small thumbnailed picture and a description to help you choose.

The final option for viewing content is by date. Within the archive section they have separated all the sets by month, going back to July 2002 when the site was launched. Simply click a month and you’ll be taken to a full list of the pictures and videos that were added during that time period. There are typically 60-90 updates per month, so there will be a pretty long list to browse through. Each update comes with three preview pictures though, so you’ll find selecting an arousing update simple.

If that was all that comprised Only Tease I would still give it my highest recommendation and practically demand that you join today and stop denying yourself such an amazing site. However, there are a number of other features that take this site over the top and into the stratosphere. The first of these is the My OnlyTease section, which allows you to customise your browsing experience. You can choose how many pictures you’d like displayed per page, how many models displayed per page, and how many image sets displayed within the model pages. You can also adjust the image size that will be displayed when you’re browsing the galleries along with whether or not the images pop up in a new window.

Only Tease also offers forums for their members to commiserate, chat about the models, request new uniforms or lingerie sets, and more. You can also add image sets and videos to your favourites list and access them any time with only a few clicks of your mouse. One of my favourite things about Only Tease is the unique FastTrack feature. This allows you to view a gallery before it’s been officially added to the site. When you browse the model lists you’ll be able to see preview pictures of upcoming galleries, but they’re off limits until the release date. If you FastTrack the gallery you can view it before that date. Each member gets 10 FastTrack galleries a month, so use them wisely.

Other features include model and newcomer of the year voting and model of the month voting. You can participate in these competitions by voting for your favourites; it’s a nice way to recognise the girls that you enjoy the most. They also offer a small selection of wallpapers to customise your desktop.

No site is perfect, and Only Tease has one flaw that stands out enough to be worth mentioning. Most of the outfits, costumes, and lingerie they dress the models in end up being used over and over again. You’ll see distinctive outfits popping up all over the site. This phenomenon is especially noticeable when it comes to the costumes because of their unique nature. The outfits are all hot, but at some point you’ve seen them enough that they lose their lustre. It’s understandable given that they’re shooting so much content, but they should still invest in some variety.

That small issue aside, I think Only Tease is one of the web’s finest sites. Everything is flawlessly executed, from the models to the outfits to the frequency of updates. I’ve reviewed and enjoyed a number of adult sites in my life, but there’s only one site that I call my favourite: Only Tease.

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