Pin-Up WOW!

I don’t know about you, but I like to have a wallpaper on my computer when I’m working. It reminds me of far-away places while I’m stuck in working on a rainy winter afternoon. It suddenly struck me though, that rather than having a picture of a deserted beach or an old holiday pic, I could have a backdrop featuring a gorgeous girl in an erotic – not rude – pose. I searched around a little and came up with this site – Pin-up Wow!

The site says that it’s dedicated to creating beautiful, fun, sensuous, naughty and erotic images of gorgeous British girls and, from the free view area, it certainly seems to offer what it promises. Excellent! That should boost my wallpaper collection somewhat. You can even opt in to a service where they send one of the pics to a nominated email address every day. Sounds great – join!

The home page shows you the latest three updates to the site and at the time of writing there have been five in the last five days, all exclusive content along with a latest news scrolling box showing what’s coming up, including a set with all six of the site’s star girls together.

Now, I should say right here that this site is very much of the softcore variety. You won’t find any sets of these girls getting down and dirty with anyone but that’s not what the site is about. The site says it best: if you’re looking for explicit rather than erotic, you’ve come to the wrong place.

The top of every page has an easy to use navigation bar so it’s very simple to find your way around from anywhere in the site.

The first option is the galleries page which is sorted into months and shows three big thumbnails of each set or video, along with the name of the model(s), a nice description along with some information on how many pics the set contains (or how large the video is). You also have the option to download the entire zip file to your machine (in standard or high resolution) or view the pics online.

If you select to view the pictures online, you have the option to scroll through the set (next, previous, first and last) and see the photo name and resolution size. In addition, down the left side of the page you can see a list of the three pics before and after the current one for even easier flicking through. You can even search the galleries on keywords, summaries, comments – all sorts of things.

This is a site where they’ve put in a lot of thought into the design and what would make a very simple, very effective experience for those browsing through the site (a lot of sites could learn some serious lessons from Pin-Up WOW! in this respect).

Go back up a level to the thumbnail page and a similar format exists. This time, however, instead of scrolling through the pictures you can scroll through the various sets; instead of the previous and next three pictures, you can see the previous and next three galleries.

Again, the content is very much softcore with perhaps some breasts being bared towards the end of the set. That said it is a very welcome change to some of the grittier sites out there. The girls are immaculately made up, very nicely photographed and have very nice costumes from nice silk nighties to fancy dress outfits like a pirate or even snow white. They do get completely stripped off in a fair few of the sets but there are a variety of tactics employed to make sure that you don’t see anything ‘downstairs’; crossed legs, a perfectly placed hat or just an annoyingly good camera angle.

My only gripe with the photo area is that the pages are formatted for slightly larger than the standard 1024 resolution of most computers. If you have a larger monitor with a higher resolution then it’s fine but otherwise you’ll find yourself scrolling to the right a fair bit.

Although the ethos of the site is pin-ups, don’t think Sam Fox (for the older readers) or whoever the current Sun page three girl is, think Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield – almost 1940′s style erotica; much classier and for my money much more erotic. The six main models on the site are all really sexy and have their own area where you can view a little biography and even a question and answer section. Carla, my personal favourite’s answer to ‘Who would you most like to discover sleeping in your bed’ is simply genius!

The site offers you the ability to purchase a set made to your own specification although, in keeping with the rest of the site, it’s made abundantly clear that sexually explicit images or DVDs will not be catered for. You can receive a fairly hefty discount if you say that the resulting content can be shown on the website. These can be seen in the ‘Fantasy Wow’ section of the galleries.

There is an also an ‘out takes’ section of the site which isn’t great but at least shows the girls having a real giggle when something goes wrong.

You can view a ‘guest stars’ section with a little biography accompanying a big picture of each girl. Like the main stars, a simple link takes you to a page listing all of their sets along with a big thumbnail and description of each to entice you to view them.

They have a new area on the site called Velvet which sounds quite interesting. It hasn’t gone live at the time of writing but it promises to have photos and limited edition mounted prints for sale which can be signed, lipstick kissed and scented by your chosen model. They also suggest that they’ll have greetings cards, calendars and even selected items of clothing the girls have worn in a set.

They also have a shop area which is up and running now selling mugs, caps, teddy bears and t-shirts with the site logo on.

The last area of the site is the videos. You can download more than one at a time and each has a high and low resolution version. Another plus is that the download speed is above average so you won’t be waiting too long to view them.

Again, in keeping with the rest of the site there is no hardcore content. When there are two girls on film they do touch each other but only things like stroking a stockinged leg, helping each other get undressed and the like. There is no hint of anything stronger, not even a few kisses.

Excuse me a moment while I digress but I was talking to a friend recently about when he upgraded from dial-up internet connection to broadband. At the time he was a little disappointed as when he tried to view a photo of a naked girl with the slower connection speed he enjoyed the tease as the photo was revealed little by little. This site is very much similar to that experience. You get the undoubted tease of a beautiful girl slowly getting undressed right before your eyes, leaving a little to the imagination.

So, would I recommend the site? Well, if you like the concept of pin-ups and you like the look of the girls in the free view area then yes. It’s a very well designed site, it’s regularly updated with exclusive content and for the price it’s well worth a look.

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