Real Couples

I came to realise that the last few websites I’ve reviewed have featured single girls almost exclusively and it was about time I found some proper sex to report on. Real Couples suggests that it offers exactly that. It promises that these are all 100% guaranteed real couples who are willing to prove it on camera.

The free pages show you all of the different couples that the site offers and you can stream a short teaser of each of the movies which lasts about 30 seconds. All that added up nicely so I decided to join up and have a look.

The home page shows the latest two movies to be added, each with eight reasonable thumbnails so you can see what you’re getting and a three or four line description of the action. On the same page you can also jump to the best rated movies on the site as the top nine (no idea why not the top 10. I can only think that this is a cosmetic thing) and go to the bonus areas of the site too.

I’ll digress slightly from the main site a moment to discuss these extras included in your monthly subscription. You enter a page with links to three webcam sites where girls give a short ‘free’ webcam at the top of each hour. However, I could only find the free show in one of the three sites and that lasted a total of three seconds. The girl, lovely though she was, was fully clothed and simply winked at the camera before a big sign saying ‘your show has ended’ was helpfully put on screen.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s much of an extra really.

Anyway, back to Real Couples and, happily, it’s a more positive picture. It seems to be a fairly well put together, professional site.

As I said, the home page only shows the latest two movies to be added. To access the rest of the content, you have to go to the ‘all content’ page where you’ll see the latest 30 or so movies and you can access the older movies too.

Each movie has the date it was uploaded, the names of the people in the movie and a reasonable thumbnail of the main people involved. Clicking on one of these will take you into that movie’s page and from here you have a few different options: you can download the movie, view the photo set of the same couple or read the diary entry.

The content is varied and non-scripted and the video quality is pretty good. There is a fair bit of talking and laughing, which for me at least gives it a “real” feel and adds to the site’s appeal. While there are a few well-known pornstars with their partners on the site, there’s no reason to doubt that they are real couples. This isn’t some factory production line of porn, it’s real people who are really enjoying themselves.

The recommendation for this site has to be a yes: join it. The content is good and it’s updated regularly (you can see updates stretching back to the beginning of 2004). There is also the option to join all 20 sites from the same studios for an extra £20. That’s a whole lot of porn for your money.

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