Simon Scans

There is a subset of adult sites that concentrate on the artistic side of the business. Instead of beating you senseless with pictures and videos of chicks slobbering over dick and getting soaked in semen you’re given high quality pictures of gorgeous girls at their most natural and beautiful. Sometimes the girls are simply posing in the nude, sometimes they’re wearing sexy lingerie, and sometimes they’re using dildos to pleasure themselves. No matter what though they always look classy and the photography is always top of the line.

Simon Scans is one of the most famous examples of this type of website, and their dedication to quality has earned them rave reviews from the porn world. One thing most of these sites also feature is young girls, most of who would comfortably fall under the teen label. Simon Scans is no different here; although they have a few mature babes they’re mostly a teen and young twenties site, which makes sense because women are almost always at their most beautiful during that time.

When you first enter the member’s area you’ll find a line that lists the stats: 509 models, 3,016 picture sets, 364,237 images (as at the time of this review). That’s an astounding number and it should give you some idea as to why this site has found so much success over the years. They typically update every day, sometimes twice a day. If they miss an update you’re guaranteed that there will be two picture galleries or videos coming along the next day.

The member’s index page features a list of quick links that will take you to the most popular areas of the site quickly. Included in this list is the model directory, top models as voted on by the users, a model search, and links to other sites. Below the quick links you’ll find pictures from the latest updates, both pictures and videos. The pictures are updated with impressive frequency; the movies on the other hand are spotty with their speed.

For a first time visitor I’d recommend paying a visit to the top models list. These are the girls that have been voted on by the tens of thousands of members Simon Scans has seen, allowing you to skip over a lengthy search and jump right into the best of the best. The top girls are all deserving of their status, as you’ll see when you visit their pages. If you visit the latest updates link you’ll be taken to an extensive page where you can browse the monthly updates for the entire existence of the site. Starting back in 2000 you can make your way through every picture set and video that was added to the site, taking them in one by one and finding out why Simon Scans is such a popular destination for lovers of beauty.

When you’re ready to get down to really enjoying the content you’ll want to visit the model directory. The models are broken down into six categories: pro models, amateur models, students, MILFs, first timers, Ibiza. You can also view a list of all the models. The lists are handy in that they give you a sizeable sample picture of the model, a short write-up by Simon, measurements, and a brief rundown of the shoots she’s done for the site. Most girls have four or five photo shoots and videos to their names, with the more popular girls having racked up ten or more.

When you want to view some of that content all you need to do is visit the model page. There you’ll find a list of her photo sets and videos, each of which comes with a description and four preview images. It’s nice to get a small taste of each gallery. Simon Scans isn’t a hardcore site, so you’re only going to see the girls in solo sets. That doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun though.

In many cases the girls will put on a sexy striptease and then play with themselves. They use their fingers, dildos and vibrators, and on occasion a vegetable that happened to be handy. The picture galleries feature anywhere from 40-150 images and the videos are usually 10 minutes long, give or take a few minutes. There’s so much to see here that it can get a little overwhelming at times.

When it gets to be too much that’s where the search function comes in. The search page features three drop down boxes, each of which is filled with categories that you can choose from. You’re allowed to specify three categories for each search. Categories include breast size, clothing, country, fur factor (shaved or trimmed or bushy), hair colour, piercings and tattoos, and more. You can also search for movies and pictures only and order them in different ways. It’s a great feature that’s quite necessary for a site like this with so much content.

Normally I like to recommend a few choice models or content sets for you to check out if you decide to join. However, Simon Scans is so enormous that it’s simply too difficult to pick a favourite. Instead I would recommend that you take a look at the top 30 models list if you end up joining. There you’ll find the best of the best that the site has to offer and more than 200 hot galleries to browse through.

Simon Scans is one of the oldest, most popular sites of its kind. They focus on the artistic side of nude modelling, featuring good looking young babes posing nude and playing with themselves. They update on a daily basis (or very near there) and bring you quality content with each update. It’s clear that Simon and his cohorts are fully dedicated to providing a top notch experience for their members, which translates into a can’t miss site.

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