Suburban Amateurs

Suburban Amateurs claims to be the number one British girls site on the net. That’s a pretty vague claim when you think about it, but it’s fair to assume they’re talking about amateur girls and being at the top in terms of popularity. I’ve actually heard quite a bit about this site before visiting for my review and I like what I see on the preview pages. The free photos they offer show girls that really do look like amateurs, which isn’t as easy as you might think to find. Also, they give you a free picture of every babe on the site, so you should check it out if you’re thinking about joining.

I’ve already got my membership in hand so I’m heading into the member’s area to see what they’ve got prepared for me. The design is really nice; they’ve done it so it stretches across the entire page and will resize no matter what resolution you’re running at. The colour selection is smart as well; everything blends together seamlessly. You can access the photo and video updates page for the latest additions and you can get a look at upcoming pictures and videos as well. If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket you can pick up the latest DVDs released by the team behind Suburban Sluts.

You might do all of that in time, but the first thing you’re going to do is visit the galleries. The organisation here is smart and sensible. All the galleries have been categorised by model. They list twenty models per page and each has a name and a thumbnailed picture so you can pick out which hottie you like the best before browsing to her galleries. When you’ve found a girl – the first I picked was Amber – you’ll be taken to her list of image sets. Most girls have multiple photo sets and the most popular have posed for 10-20.

Amber had four picture sets. The first was a tiny behind the scenes look at her photo shoots and the other three were the kind of strip and pose stuff you’ve come to expect from a site like this. In each gallery Amber ended up naked and in two of them she was stuffing a glass dildo into her pussy. That’s another thing they do here at Suburban Amateurs: get naked and fuck themselves. Many other amateur teen/young babe sites don’t hire models willing to get naked. These British babes seem more than happy to do so. After my experience with Amber I’d recommend you check out her galleries first if you join.

There are 184 models at Suburban Amateurs, which gives you a lot to choose from. The only difficulty I have with the site is that some of the models just aren’t very good looking. In some cases it’s probably a subjective thing (you might like a girl that I didn’t or vice versa) but in some cases the girl is just downright ugly. It seems like they hire ugly girls to make it seem like they’re actually hiring amateurs and not just passing off models as such. However, the amateur thing is more about the girl’s presence in front of the camera and not her looks.

A true amateur doesn’t have a lot of experience posing for nude pics online. Instead she seems just a little bit awkward in front of the lens and just a little bit shy. That awkwardness can’t be so bad it overwhelms the photo set, but you need a little bit of it to have a successful amateur site. For the most part they achieve that at Suburban Amateurs, but once again there are a number of ugly ducklings in the mix that spoil things a bit.

There are plenty of hotties at Suburban Amateurs so I though I’d point out a few to you in case you join. These are the girls you should check out first. I’d put Phoenix at the top of my list. She’s a cute blonde with a great smile and a slim body that includes a perfect pair of breasts. Roxanne is a brunette with a slim waist and a small pair of perky tits. She also has one of the finest asses on the site. Check out her preview picture for a good look at her beauty. Natalie J has the most sex appeal of all the girls I saw; she’s oozing it in every gallery and has no qualms about trying to seduce you through the camera.

Suburban Amateurs isn’t just about the picture galleries. There are several hundred videos for you to download as well. 111 girls stayed on to produce videos for the site, which once again leaves you with plenty of choices. As with the pictures the videos have been divided by model. Click your favourite lady and you’ll find a list of her clips. Each has a description to clue you in on the action that happens inside and can be downloaded in the WMV format. The quality is good; they’ll look pretty good at full screen but not great. Almost every scene involves pussy in some way so get ready for a luscious show. There are also scenes with two hot babes playing together that are pretty nice.

Your experience doesn’t end with the photos and videos at Suburban Amateurs. When you join you also get a free membership to Suburban Sluts. Where SA is all about young beauties, Suburban Sluts expands its borders to include anyone that looks good enough to get in front of the camera. The site is difficult to browse (the list all the models on one page but the thumbnails are so tiny you have to click on each set of galleries to see what the model looks like), but it’s free content so there’s little room to complain. You also get access to Viv Thomas Videos, which offers the best lesbian sex scenes I’ve ever seen. All the models Viv uses are gorgeous and the production quality is off the charts. The only downside is that the videos are streaming.

The greatest strength of Suburban Amateurs is the sheer volume of content they’ve produced over the years. There are hundreds and hundreds of picture galleries and downloadable videos and the number keeps growing. The only downside is that some of the girls really aren’t good looking enough to be on the site. I thought there were more than enough hotties to warrant a membership and if you sign up I think you’ll agree. Plus, it’s impossible to ignore the plethora of bonus content available. When you factor that in it’s more than double what you started with. That makes at least a one month membership worth the cost.

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